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I just wanted to thank you for the LaStone experience. It was the most relaxing and best massage I have ever had. My back has not been in pain since the massage and this is a record of two weeks for me. I thought that the Belavi Massage was relaxing, however this was a new level of wonder. I admit I was a little skeptical at first after hearing the description of LaStone. My main fear was laying on the stones, it sounded uncomfortable. Little did I know that you do not even notice they are there past the first 30 seconds. I am asking my family for gift certificates to Salon Foushee. I can't think of a better way for a woman to relax and get the pampering she deserves.
Danielle Marton a client of Jennifer Chaet, CMT LST
During LaStone Therapy I feel "at home." The vibration of the stones interacts with my energy field in such a manner as to facilitate release of energies which I no longer wish to hold. On a physical level, the warmth or coolness of the stones feels wonderful; the stones are healing tools which are great adjuncts to massage and energy work. The heaviness of the stones adds a feeling of physical security, as well as emotional security. The stones facilitate healing at all levels, from basic physical healing to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
Valerie Sorrells RN
The stones are a wonderful part of massage. It allows relaxation to take over quickly. I will only utilize a therapist that has this training in their resume. The use of the stones with massage therapy allows the receiver to relax more fully. It really works wonderfully! All I can think to say is the stones are fantastic. I can say I will only have the stone therapy as my massage of choice.
Mona Wright
The stones feel like "Friends." They give an immediate comfort of warmth and relaxation, the minute they touch my skin. I also like the smooth texture of the stones, especially when wet. The velvet texture of the wet stones mixing with the oil sliding over my skin is a unique feeling.
It's luxurious and powerful, causing great relief of tension and pressures. Mary's combination of styles and stones work for me! I highly recommend "LaStone Therapy."
Gigi Brown
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