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Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator #1 New York Times Best Selling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul: "Your stone massage was sense-ation-all. It worked brilliantly at multiple healing and health-generating levels. I loved it, will recommend it to friends, and will cheer on everyone to experience stone massages multiple benefits."


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Ahhh Muse...

All the best adventures in life, you have no idea when they started, because it seems like they have always been with you. Smiling. Trusting. Forever.

That’s the way it is with us and Mary Nelson (the originator of LaStone Therapy). We can’t remember a time when we DIDN’T know her. It seems like she has always been with us, loving us and supporting us no matter what.

It’s utterly perfect and completely inevitable that we would find each other, because Mary Nelson is a Stonelistener, too (Or Stonewalker, as she calls it). We have only met a few two-leggeds who truly and constantly do that, and Mary is one of them. It was while she was just naturally doing this, that the Stonebeings told her how they and Mary could co-create LaStone Therapy: very precise, hot and cold Stone massage/bodywork that is the most magical and continually evolving bodywork we have ever experienced.

Mary offers these treatments and she teaches them with many, many practitioners all over the world (and those people are some of the most glorious folks we have ever met, too.) Not only does she show them very exact, scientific, therapeutic techniques, she also tells each practitioner and instructor that the Stones are sacred— that they possess a precious, unique consciousness that graciously grounds and holds the space for healing two-leggeds in ways that nothing else can. Mary insists that the LaStone people honor the Earth Mother and all her gifts; therefore that is the very respect that they must and DO give all of the people who receive their work. Can you feel it? LaStone is a magnificent, glorious gift that honors the core of life, of all beings on the Earth, and simultaneously, we each receive that, energetically— even if we haven’t yet experienced that bodywork! Yes!!! Now, you can see why it seems like Mary Nelson has always been there………..

Thank you, Mary, from the core of our Beings always. Thank you all LaStone practitioners, teachers and friends. We honor you with BIG smiles and our Stonelistening, as well. We are profoundly grateful to be able to offer you Stone tools/wands/listenings that have passed through our lives and through our hearts, to you.

Whenever we can help you find Stonebeings to co-create the magic that you do with them, we say “Yes!” Don’t be shy, ask for whatever you uniquely need and want, because we Stonelisteners are ever co-manifesting new ways of honoring and utilizing and sharing the potent, loving gifts of the Earth Mother.

We support you!



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