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Home / Stones / Sardonyx Stones

Sardonyx (chalcedony microcrystalline quartz) is a blend of sard and onyx, with red bands of sard and white bands of onyx. Onyx, Sard and Sardonyx all have a hardness rating of 7. It is incorrect to name this rock onyx without the word marble. Onyx marble, Sardonyx or Marble stone is formed from water containing lime in layered deposits, and always banded, near springs or as stalactites or stalagmites in caves. Unlike marble, Sardonyx or Onyx marble are formed when cold water carrying dissolved calcite drips into underground caves. As the water evaporates, a thin film of limestone is left behind. Over many years, these deposits build up to form pillars, spikes and other shapes. Limestone, marble, sardonyx, and travertine are all in the family of organic rock.

The stone sardonyx is millions of years old! The natural processes of heating/ cooling and pressure create a crystalline stone rich in color and pattern that reaches well below the surface to reveal a truly unparalleled depth of opalescent hues that dazzle the mind. Sardonyx is quartz crystals fused together by nature into translucent layers of stone, revealing a rainbow of colors ranging from creamy whites, shades of gold and ambers, orange, reds, browns, deep greens, and grays. To appear completely black it must be dyed; this stone is then called Onyx. True Sardonyx is a form of calcite; beware of calcite being passed off as Onyx. Sardonyx is quite hard, whereas Calcite can easily be scratched with a fingernail. Ironically, in the Greek language the name onyx means fingernail because of its translucent appearance.

Sardonyx is said to help with sleep, offering one a sense of protection, aiding in a deeper state of relaxation, so sleep comes easily to those who take this stone to bed with them. This stone balances both male and female polarities. It relieves stress and anxieties by enhancing this balance and self-control; it eliminates negative thinking, apathy, stress & neurological disorders, aids in detachment of unwanted relationships and inspires a sence of inner calm and serenity. Sardonyx is the stone of joy, self-control and wise decision-making. It is a very popular stone used in many rosaries and said to assist one in spiritual inspiration, concentration, devotion and protection against incantations and black sorcery.



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