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LaStone® Certification Program

LaStone® Therapy is internationally recognized as being at the forefront of stone therapy. With the LaStone® Certification Program therapists with advanced training are recognized. The LaStone® Certification Program is designed to enhance, improve and expand each therapists working relationship with the stones, sacred energy work and the science behind geo-thermo-therapy as they relate to LaStone® Therapy theories and principles.

LaStone&reg Therapy's (LST) certification program offers the body therapist an opportunity to develop and advance in stone education through a variety of courses that are offered throughout a calendar year. LST's certification program is designed to acknowledge ones efforts in their advancement and commitment as a Stone Walker. A Stone Walker is someone who is on a personal and on going journey to seek more; these individuals strive to offer the best to their clients both spiritually and professionally in the healing arts industry.

LaStone® Therapist LST

REQUIREMENTS: One LaStone® Therapy course in your field of body-therapy

Advanced LaStone® Therapist ALST

REQUIREMENTS: Accumulation of 12 points

Master LaStone® Therapist MLST

REQUIREMENTS: Accumulation of 20 points

Master LaStone® Therapist Instructor MLST-I

REQUIREMENTS: Completion of the LST Instructor Program

Course Points
Original Body 4 points
Simply Stones 2 points
Simply Stones Extended 2 points
Beyond Hot Stone 1 point
DeepStone Therapy 4 points
Stone Sole 4 points
Mary's Advanced Original Body Geo-thermo-Energy 4 points
Simply Face 2 points
Dances With Stone 4 points
Stone Medicine 1 4 points
Stone Medicine 2 4 points
Sacred Strokes 4 points
Rain Bath 2 points


We would like to recognize and applaud the following individuals who have achieved the different levels of our certification program; it is a great honor to LaStone® to have these fellow therapists representing our methods of Stone Therapy they have successfully achieved the art of a Stone Walker.



Ulrike Müller / Austria
Abigail McCormick / Canada
Catherine Chan / China
Donna Baker / England
Lindsey David Beckingham / England
Julia Shaffer Cobb / England
Sam Marie Francome / England
Vanessa Alia Mansergh / England
Karen Mullen / England
Jillian Newman / England
Julia Shaffer Cobb / England
Jayne Sheen / England
Danika Schoen / England
Dougie Tobutt / England
Pia Poulsen / France
Ursula Daly / Ireland
Sandra McSweeney / Ireland
Yeung Chiyou / Japan
Yuki Fujii /Japan
Mami Hamada /Japan
Yuka Hirakawa / Japan
Sachiko Hoshima / Japan
Rie Kinoshita /Japan
Rika Kobori / Japan
Michiko Kokubun / Japan
Yuriko Komatsu /Japan
Hitomi Koya / Japan
Hikari Kuwahata / Japan
Matsue Maruyama / Japan
Harue Minamikata / Japan
Ayako Mitsutake / Japan
Yakuko Mochida / Japan
Chiharu Munekata / Japan
Kumiko Nakamura / Japan
Yoko Oyama / Japan
Keiko Sasaki /Japan
Ayako Sato / Japan
Emiko Sekiguchi / Japan
Mieko Shimada / Japan
Tomoko Shimamoto / Japan
Emi Tatarano / Japan
Izumi Tokiwa / Japan
Kaori Watanabe / Japan
Tamiko Yamashita / Japan
Sonoe Yasuhara /Japan
Miki Yoshii / Japan
Annette Weber / The Netherlands
Rozi Skralovnik / Switzerland
Alison Bennett / United States
Mary Breeding / United States
Azaya Deuel / United States
Meghan Draper / United States
Mary Ann Jansen / United States
Joan Keay / United States
Cheryl Ketchum / United States
David Krizmanik / United States
Lance Martinez / United States
Robyn McArthur / United States
Ashlea Merrill / United States

Master LaStone® Therapist MLST

Joanne Fath / Canada
Rebecca Bindon / England
Georgia Davis / England
Pat Dickie / England
Jane McPherson / England
Sally Mack / England
Amber Nisbett / England
Lisa Helena Porter / England
Patricia Smart / England
Annette Smyth / England
Veronica Frances Touzel / England
Malcom Westwood / England
Magda Batista / Ireland
Sandra Blackmore / Ireland
Kathryn Moloney / Ireland
Delores Patricia Quinn / Ireland
Sylvia Sixsmith / Ireland
Yukari Abe / Japan
Keiko Fujita / Japan
Ritsuko Fujigaya / Japan
Ritsuko Hayashi /Japan
Minako Kawashima / Japan
Keiko Koizumi / Japan
Miwa Kubo / Japan
Ayako Mitsutake / Japan
Tamami Murakami / Japan
Yoko Nakagawa / Japan
Masumi Nozawa / Japan
Emiko Sekiguchi / Japan
Mika Sugano / Japan
Sumiko Takai / Japan
Satoko Uchiyama / Japan
Yumiko Yamaoka / Japan
Michiko Yamamoto / Japan
Satoko Yuura / Japan
Petra Engelenberg / The Netherlands
Janelle Lakman / United States
Robert Melchioris / United States
Shanna Schultz / United States
Judy Van Caster / United States


Master LaStone® Instructor MLST-I

Melanie Boileau / Australia
Lesley Masterson / England
Anna Spaul / England
Naomi Takahash / Japan
Masako Takahami / Japan
Maura Barry / Ireland
Teresa Behan / Ireland
Tonya Bucinell / United States
Mary Nelson / United States
Sheena Paulus / United States
Teena Pleshek / United States
Kay Shoda / United States


NOTE: to all LaStone students who have achieved our different levels of certification; if your name does not appear in the correct listing please contact Teena Pleshek at teena@lastonetherapy.com and she will assist you in updating your records of achievements.



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